H2O Power Limited Partnership owns and operates 8 hydroelectric generating stations, 2 control dams and 130 km of transmission lines in Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario. Some of these sites were developed as early as 1898 by local industrial companies to provide mechanical and electrical power to their operations and the surrounding towns.

The facilities changed ownership several times over the years. In 2007, Abitibi Consolidated Hydro Limited Partnership (ACH LP) was formed. The new company was created as a distinct entity with the goal of providing renewable reliable energy to its customers and the Province of Ontario.

The generating stations continued to be operated locally until 2008, when ACH LP began an $18M project to upgrade and automate the stations control systems to allow remote operation. The automation project was successfully completed in 2010 and full control of all 48 generators, and the associated transmission assets, was transferred to the Oshawa Control Center. In 2011 ACH LP was sold to a new group of Canadian private investors, and the company was renamed H2O Power Limited Partnership.

H2O Power Limited Partnership, a Canadian owned and operated company, continues to invest in the local communities. We have recently opened new offices in Fort Frances, Ontario(July 2012) and Iroquois Falls, Ontario(March 2013). Current major projects also include a capacity upgrade at our Twin Falls generating station which began in 2011 and pier refurbishment project at our Island Falls generating station.