Gracon has provided onsite services to clients across the country for more than 35 years. We excel in expert hydropower installation, field maintenance, and overhauling of equipment. In addition to a variety of turbine types including Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, and Bulb, we also have experience overhauling or replacing generators, valves, governor systems, pumps and heavy mechanical equipment of every shape and size.Gracon has had great success with both new construction and during outage work, under the most demanding of deadlines. Having proven experience, knowledge, and flexibility to provide technical direction and take decisive action, as well as complete project management services, Gracon ensures a successful new facility or an efficient outage from start to finish. Gracon has a superior team of professionals providing complete project management; inspection services; expert welding, field machining and cavitation repair; craft support; unit assembly and disassembly; site supervision; and technical direction for maintenance requirements.