BCS, Incorporated is a management consulting firm that specializes in energy and environment, national security, health, and international development. BCS provides its clients a full range of services, including technical and engineering studies, market and policy analysis, strategic planning and evaluation, business management, technical writing, Web and graphics development, IT tool creation, and government program support. BCS has over 50 years of combined hydropower-related experience in technology development (e.g. fish friendly turbines), environmental mitigation (e.g. water quality), and market barrier reduction (e.g. ancillary services). BCS is widely recognized for its unique ability to deliver its resources and expertise while providing the personalized service, innovation, immediate attention, and high product quality service. Founded in 1989, BCS is headquartered in Laurel, Maryland, with more than 90 employees located in Washington, D.C.; Arvada, Colorado; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Morgantown, West Virginia; and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.