With the growing need for clean energy options, it would be easy to assume that all renewables are treated equally. But for hydropower, a level playing field doesn’t exist when compared to other renewables.

At the end of this year, the Section 45 Production Tax Credit (PTC) and Section 48 Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for hydropower and marine energy resources are set to expire. The looming expiration places hydropower at a significant competitive disadvantage with the other renewable technologies that now have the certainty that their incentives will be in place over a longer term.

These critical tax incentives are vital to building on non-powered dams, upgrading and optimizing existing facilities and bringing marine energy technologies to full-scale commercialization.

The U.S. has long used targeted tax credit programs to incentivize investment and innovation in the energy sector. This is true for fossil and renewable resources alike. Extensions of the PTC and ITC for hydro projects are needed to accommodate the longer regulatory and development lead time associated with these larger, capital intensive projects.

Hydropower is America’s largest source of clean, renewable electricity. Moreover, hydropower technologies generate reliable baseload renewable power – attributes that are critical to the functioning and stability of the electric grid and the U.S. renewable energy portfolio.

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