NHA Membership

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What We Do

NHA is the unified voice of the U.S. hydropower industry both in Washington, DC and across the country. Through advocacy, policy, communications, and education initiatives, NHA works every day to maximize the role that available, affordable, reliable and sustainable hydropower plays in the U.S. electricity sector.

NHA accomplishes its policy work and outreach through the following standing committees and councils:

  • Hydraulic Power Committee: Provides a forum for hydropower owners and operators, as well as equipment and service providers for hydroelectric facilities to exchange information and service providers, to share ideas relating to the technical best practices on operations and aspects of hydropower projects maintenance, dam safety and security, and worker safety.
  • Legislative Affairs Committee: Develops recommendations for and positions on legislation before Congress.
  • Public Affairs Committee: Directs NHA’s communication strategies, media outreach and education efforts.
  • Regulatory Affairs Committee: Develops hydropower policy recommendations and interprets regulatory changes for NHA’s members.
  • Research and Development Committee: Recommends strategies to promote technological and other advancements and innovations to strengthen and grow the hydropower industry’s contribution to our clean energy future.
  • Marine Energy Council: Develops policies to support the growth of marine and hydrokinetic technologies. Learn more.
  • CEO Council: Serves as a forum to bring hydropower executives together to share information about industry challenges and problems and provide strategic counsel to NHA Board.
  • Pumped Storage Development Council: Assists in the development of policies to support growth in the pumped storage sector.
  • Small Hydropower Council: Assists in the development of policies to support growth in the small hydro sector with a particular emphasis on conventional hydro projects, development at non-powered dams, irrigation and conduit power.

NHA’s Board of Directors serves as the Association’s policy board and uses recommendations from the standing committees to base their decisions. Representatives from NHA member organizations across the country serve on the board and these committees and councils, providing expertise and recommendations to ensure that NHA’s initiatives serve the interests of the hydropower industry.